Legal basis is the Laws and Systems of the Commercial and Industrial Property in Lebanon Resolution No. 2385, issued on January 17th, 1924, amended by the Law of of 31 January 1946, Decree No. 245 of February 23rd, 1983. Law No. 152 / L R of July 19, 1939

Trademark registration classification:

Nice Classification


  • Name of the applicant
  • Logo (if any) in B/W or Colour
  • Classes in which Registration is sought.
  • Priority details if any.
  • Address along with nationality of the Applicant
  • Details regarding Goods and Services for which registration sought.
  • Power of Attorney (POA)


  • The application process includes a formal examination, an examination of distinctiveness and as to whether it is contrary to the public order and morals or representing national or foreign decorations and an identical search for prior trademarks. However, the trademark office may not reject applications on relative grounds.
  • The trademark is deemed registered upon returning the payment receipt to the Lebanese IP Protection Office. Accordingly, the applicant or agent receives the registration number and date of the trademark.
  • Once accepted, the trademark is to be published in the official journal.  Opposition if any by interested 3rd parties may be filed within 5 yrs. post filing of the application.
  • If no opposition, the mark is then registered and certificate issued. 
  • The registration process takes around 10 months.

Duration and Renewal:  A trademark registration is valid for 15 years from date of registration. It is renewable for periods of 15 years.


 Fee Structure 
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